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Rockit Trimit

Trims a perfectly rounded edge on a 3-dimensionally shaped skateboard.

  • Trims a perfectly rounded edge on a 3-dimensionally shaped skateboard.
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Product Description:

Rounding over the edge of a skateboard can be a laborious task. Our Rockit Trimit router bit is specifically made for this and makes the job simple. The bit is designed to follow the pre-shaped flat edge profile of a board. This bit will trim the edge of any three dimensional shaped board.

Knowledge of routers and router tables is necessary to use this tool.

Rockit Trimit

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Rockit Trimit Kit Contains:

  • One ½” Shanked Router Bit
  • Instructions

What you will also need:

  • Router with a ½” collet
  • Router table

By following the printed instructions in the kit box you will be guided through the steps of pre-shaping your skateboard, attaching the Trimit bit to your router properly, adjusting your router table then which direction to move the skateboard to cut the rounded edges.

Clean the bearings of the Rockit Trimit router bit frequently. Wood pitch and resin can build up on the cutter surfaces.

Q: What thickness of board can be rounded over using this bit?
A: You will need a board thickness greater than ½”.

Q: Does the board edge need to be trimmed flat before using the Rockit Trimit bit?
A: Yes in order for the bit to work correctly the edge of the board needs to be clean of glue and trimmed square to the face of the board surface.

Q: Do you need a router table to use the Rockit Trimit bit?
A: Yes. This tool is designed for use with a router table. Do not try to use it with only a router.

Q: Can I use a router with a ¼” shank?
A: No. This bit has a ½” shank and will not fit in any smaller sized router collet.

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