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Rockit School

Rockit School

our-story-5r.jpgTeacher Training

Skateboard Deck building can be used as a focus to include a wide range of subjects into your curriculum. Help your students earn their mandatory and elective credits while building skateboard decks in class or just build decks for fun!

The Roarockit deck building system has been working successfully in schools around the world since 2000. Easy to teach, easy to learn, a win-win for students and teachers. 2-Day Certified Teacher Training Sessions are available.



school-demos.jpgFree School Demos

Roarockit offers free in-house demos to local schools. Bring your class to us, and for an hour, we will give your students a tour, hold a discussion about skateboard building then get everyone’s Hands-On-Deck to build a Street Deck!

Both students and teachers take away the knowledge about how to build skateboards in the classroom.



online-session-webhome.jpgOnline Video Sessions

Do your students have questions about their wood bending projects? Sometimes a short video call with our team can help!

Book a free online video session with us. Your students and our experts can share ideas and discuss new plans or issues with building.




At our Toronto location we are proud to offer workshops so that you can custom build the skateboard you have always dreamed of. Choose to build one of our preshaped decks, or create your dream build fully customized to your preferences.

Times are set by appointment, and are usually one-on-one for a truly custom building experience!



schools-world-r-2.jpgSchools Around the World

Workshops and classes are being taught with Roarockit technology every day around the world. We hope you find a school that teaches skateboard building in your area through this link.

And we encourage team leaders to let us know where they are so that more builders can design and build custom boards.

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