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rrca.usashaka.pngRoarockit Canada & USA

Home base is Toronto Ontario Canada, surrounded by the best (strongest) hardwood maple trees in the world! Our forests on crown and private lands provide an abundance of raw material needed to make the best quality skateboards. We ship premium Canadian maple veneer and unique Roarockit products to all our locations located around the world to make it available for your custom build projects.

Click the shaka logos below to go directly to the website in your region.


rreushaka.pngRoarockit Europe

Sarah and Nico have a large operation based in Bordeaux France to serve the entire EU marketplace, providing the full range of Roarockit products.

Contact them for any information regarding Canadian maple veneer, Thin Air Press vacuum kits and all other Roarockit products.


rraushaka.pngRoarockit Australia

Roarockit materials have been available to Australian and New Zealand customers since 2012 through the company formerly known as Australian Skateboard Kits.

Justin and Belinda have the knowledge and experience to supply board builders, schools and woodworkers with the Roarockit range of materials, technology and customer service.


rrukshaka1.pngRoarockit United Kingdom

Situated in Kent in a school focused on skateboarding, Roarockit UK offers Roarockit materials and technology.


rrrushaka1.pngRoarockit Russia

Denis and his team of experienced builders offer a limited selection of Roarockit products.

Builder classes are their specialty and they have much experience in building new and innovative projects related to skateboard, snow and surf.


rrqcshaka.pngRoarockit Quebec

Pour les clients francophones au Canada, ici c'est l'endroit idéal pour obtenir l'aide dont vous avez besoin d'un constructeur qualifié de Roarockit.

Contactez Ian Samoisette pour obtenir excellent service clients, les devis et pour savoir comment ce professeur d'école secondaire intègre la construction des skateboards dans un programme éducatif de haut niveau.