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Bend It T-Shirt (V-Neck)

Bend it out of Thin Air!

  • Bend it out of Thin Air!

Product Description:

Making things is definitely in fashion. The Roarockit method of bending skateboards in a vacuum is summed up in this line. Represent your ability to bend a skateboard out of thin air!

Bend It T-Shirt (V-Neck)

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Bend It T-Shirt

  • 100% Cotton black V-Neck T with white vinyl logo on the front

Pull over your head, fit arms through sleeves and pull down to cover torso. Tuck in or not, we don’t care, we just want you to wear this shirt!

Wash and dry as you would any of your other black T-Shirts.

Q: What does “Bend It Out of Thin Air” mean?
A: You've probably heard the expresssion, the air is THIN in outer space, meaning there's no oxygen. Similarly, once you pull all the air out of a Thin Air Press, there is also no oxygen, or anything! That's why the veneer has nowhere to go but to be pressed down over the mold, thus you can bend a skateboard Out of Thin Air.

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