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Q: What do I need to get started building skateboards?

A: The best way is to start with a complete kit from Roarockit that includes the glue, veneer, mold, Thin Air Press and tools. ProBuilder kits are intended for more advanced builders.

Q: Does Roarockit sell wheels and trucks?

A: Roarockit does not, but we recommend that you take your finished board to the local skate shop in your community and get their advice on the right equipment for your size and riding style.

Q: Is this a cheap way to get a skateboard?

A: Not exactly! Building a quality custom skateboard means using premium Canadian maple veneer or birch, good glues and doing all the work by hand. The cost will likely not be less that a mass-produced deck. But much of the kit is reusable, so the more you make, the less expensive they become.

Q: What age is this appropriate for?

A: 10 year olds and up is best, for the Pre-Shaped Complete Kits, and at least 15 for the ProBuilder Kits.

Q: How environmentally friendly is this product?

A: Except for the glue and veneer that make your board, all the other parts are reusable. The maple and birch is locally harvested, rotary cut and simply steam dried (no other processing required). The vacuum bags and foam molds are locally made, to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Q: How long does it take to make a skateboard?

A: If you’ve never built a board this way before, allow about 12.5 hours, from start to after the final clear coat dries on your graphics. Once you get more experienced, you can design, press and finish a board in about 8 hours (over a few days). Keep in mind that the veneer must dry inside the Thin Air Press for a MINIMUM of 8 hours before you can take it out and sand the edges.

Q: How many boards can I build at once in a Thin Air Press bag?

A: One board at a time. The glue starts to dry quickly once it’s spread out, so you need to get it into the press before any of it dries.

Q: How many times can you use the Thin Air Press bag?

A: With care and maintance, TAP bags can last for years. Eventually the sealing tape will need to be replaced, but keeping it clean makes it last a long time.

Q: Does Roarockit hire artists for the deck graphics?

A: Sorry, no, we encourage each builder to paint their own designs onto boards they have made themselves.

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