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Plybond III Skateboard Glue

OUT OF STOCK | Plybond III is a waterproof wood glue. Super-strong, water-based and easy to use.

  • OUT OF STOCK | Plybond III is a waterproof wood glue. Super-strong, water-based and easy to use.

Product Description:

Formulated for use with wood, Plybond III rolls on nicely, dries clear and cleans up easily.

It is a less expensive alternative to our other glue.

Our tests show that this newly formulated adhesive performs as well any skateboard glue on the market.

Plybond III is ideally suited for any veneer laminating projects or woodworking builds.

It works for cold press, hot press or radio frequency press.

Plybond III Skateboard Glue

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  • one gallon of Type 1 modified PVA adhesive

Use this exactly as you would any other wood glue. Use a roller to apply a smooth even coat, leaving no dry or pooled areas.

Clean up using water.

Do not allow glue to dry on fabric (clothing or shoes) as the dry glue will become permanent.

Store glue at room or cooler temperatures, do not freeze.

Use within one year of receiving.

If glue becomes separated, do not mix, instead, thump the glue gallon against a sturdy table-top until glue has incorporated again.

If glue is too old, you will know as it will become gelled.

Q: What’s the difference between Plybond III and Titebond III?
A: The 2 glues are the same in terms of use and application, both perform as the best glues on the market for adhering wood projects, especially outdoor uses.

Q: What does Type 1 glue mean?
A: It will cost more that Type 2 or 3! More importantly, it is waterproof, where Type 2 is not and it has a longer wet working time than a Type 2. This is crucial for vacuum pressing, as the longer the glue stays wet, the longer you have to put the glue on multiple layers and get them into your vacuum bag.

Q: Does Plybond III come in other sizes?
A: Currently we supply Plybond III only in a one gallon jug. One gallon will make approximately 19 Lil’Rockits, 16 Street Decks, or 11 Pintails/Old School or Bombora Drop Decks.

Q: Where do I find the MSDS info?
A: It is available for viewing and download at this link

Q: Where is Plybond III made?
A: It is made in Canada, the same place the best skateboard wood in the world is grown!

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