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  • Skateboard Talk

    Skateboard Builders

    See what's happening with Roarockit and our independent board-building customers >>

  • Woodworking/Lutherie

    Woodworkers & Luthiers

    Woodworkers make the most interesting things with Thin Air Press technology >>

  • Schools and Groups

    Schools & Groups

    Attendance is guaranteed when building skateboards in class >>

Recently at Roarockit

  • How to build a skateboard


    Roarockit Explained! This is the basic how-to-build-a-skateboard video. >>

  • Watch:

    From sea level to 10,000’ up, will the Thin Air Press still work at altitude? >>

  • Inspired at Oasis


    Project Based Learning + The Oasis Skateboard Factory = Student Success! >>

Our patented “Thin Air Press” system is a safe and easy-to-use manual vacuum press system for wood bending projects.

Thin Air Press