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RockitLam adds rigidity, color and protection to your custom longboard.

  • RockitLam adds rigidity, color and protection to your custom longboard.
  • Snakeskin Red
  • Treadplate Aluminum
  • Treadplate Black
  • Orange Matt
  • Yellow Matt
  • Silver Pinstripe

Product Description:

Apply one layer to a 7-layer maple deck for the same weight as a 8-layer but the strength of an 9-layer. Rockitlam sheets come in all kinds of colors and finishes, check in with us for a list of what we have available.

It is durable, scratch-resistant, waterproof and Drop-Deck friendly!

Saves time! Lay it up along with your maple layers during the same pressing. You don't need to sand RockitLam or even paint it although it takes a spray of automotive paint ok.

Please note -THESE SHEETS ARE NOT SOLD SEPARATELY these are only available when ordered along with other 12x47" maple veneer sets - we cannot ship these as single sheets. If you order these without other maple veneer, we will refund your order back to you.


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RockitLam sheet size

  • 12 x 47”

Use Titebond III only (not contact cement).

Glue up a RockitLam sheet along with your wood veneers and press in the TAP bag for a tight lamination

Click these links for tutorials on:

How to Apply RockitLam:

How to Paint RockitLam:

This material is tough durable stuff, no maintenance required.

Q: What is RockitLam?
A: It is a plastic laminate

Q: Why not get this at a builders’ supply?
A: You can, however Roarockit has sourced a thinner stock that is suitable for bending over radical shapes of a skateboard. We also source some fun colors and textures, not available in most places.

Q: Can I paint it?
A: Yes but most paints will slide right off. What works best is to first prime the painted areas with a blocking paint like Kilz® (spray or liquid).

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: It weighs about the same or slightly less than a sheet of maple veneer.

Q: Can I get other styles?
A: From time to time, we refresh our stocks with new RockitLam

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