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Lil'Rockit Refill 5 Sets Veneer

Five sets of Lil’Rockit-shaped maple veneer 7-layer sets, each one includes a random color dye-infused sheet

  • Five sets of Lil’Rockit-shaped maple veneer 7-layer sets, each one includes a random color dye-infused sheet

Product Description:

Designed to supplement our deck builder kits, this Veneer Refill kit will keep you building more and more boards.

Or try building a different shape (Street Deck or Pintail) with a Veneer and Mold Refill Kit.

All 3 shapes of boards can all be pressed in the 14 x 47” Thin Air Press or larger.

Lil'Rockit Refill 5 Sets Veneer

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Lil'Rockit Refill 5 Sets Veneer contains:

    • 7-layers of Canadian maple per board
    • includes 2 face, 3 long grain core and 2 cross grain sheets
    • Lil’Rockit veneer sets include one dye-infused color sheet per board
    • illustrated instructions

Recommended glue amount for this kit: 23 oz

Use this Refill Kit with the Builder Kit or TAP bag and mold you already have, as an additional supply of veneer.

Watch the Lil'Rockit Build video>>

Click here for more skateboard building info

The foam mold, Thin Air Press Bag and pump, edging tool and breather netting are designed to be used for many, many builds.

Keep all your reusable kit parts in good working order by following the maintenance tips included with the kit.

Store unused veneer in a stable environment, away from any heat sources. Protect it from extreme humidity, or lack of it, by wrapping in plastic. Lay veneer flat to prevent warping.

Q: As this kit doesn’t include glue, where do I get it?
A: Glue is available from this website, or locally if you can source Titebond III.

Q: What else do I need to make a board?
A: If you don’t already have these parts in your complete kit, a glue roller, a rasp, and sandpaper. Then a final coat of water-based, water-proof, exterior clear Varathane is recommended.

Q: What do I do if my veneer breaks or splits?
A: Veneer is fragile until laminated, and it is common to split or snap (especially the cross grains). A stripe of glue and some masking tape to hold it until it dries will fix broken or split sheets. See video how-to-fix.

Q: What else do I need to complete this project?
A: If you choose to set your boards up for riding, select grip tape at our checkout. Or shop locally for your grip, hardware (wheels, trucks and bearings). Use the guide holes on the bottom side to drill the truck holes through, using a 3/16” drill bit. And of course, don’t forget to wear your helmet!

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