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Never mess up your best t-shirt again with glue, by wearing a Roarockit shop apron

  • Never mess up your best t-shirt again with glue, by wearing a Roarockit shop apron

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Hand made by Sew Alice, these shop aprons are made to protect your best skateboard branded t-shirt from the Titebond III that you invariably will get on you while you madly roller on glue to get your deck or other lamination project into the Thin Air Press in time!!

We recommend your wear a genuine Roarockit apron for all your pressing jobs.

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The classy black heavy-duty fabric is covered in the very same (lead free) vinyl that our TAP bags are made from which means glues do not stick to it. The logo is embroidered and the band ties are adjustable to fit any size.

Anyway you want to wear it, but we do recommend that you tie it up and not leave it loose while working. Glue has a habit of landing on your side especially as you move the long sheets of veneer around your shop.

You can put these in the washer and the dryer. The glue actually peels off the vinyl, so you don’t really have to wash them.

We leave ours covered in layers of glue and paint, cause they look pretty cool that way. 

Q: Who is Sew Alice?
A: She’s Norah’s sister, who sews and embroiders things like tablet and phone covers, aprons, bibs and pouches. Alice shops for great patterns, and uses the same vinyl that we do for our Thin Air Press vacuum bags. She lives in Toronto CA, so we are not only keeping it the family, but buying local too.

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