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Shaka T-Shirt

Designed by Boz: the Handmade with Roarockit Technology t-shirt!

  • Designed by Boz: the Handmade with Roarockit Technology t-shirt!

Product Description:

Become part of the handmade revolution! Wear the Handmade with Roarockit Technology shirt especially if you have used the technology to shape your custom skateboards.

Shaka T-Shirt

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Shaka T-Shirt

  • 100% Cotton black T with white vinyl logo on the front

Men's style is standard crew neck with short sleeves, Women's style has slight scoop neck.

Pull over your head, fit arms through sleeves and pull down to cover torso. Tuck in or not, we don’t care, we just want you to wear this shirt!

Wash and dry as you would any of your other black T-Shirts.

Q: What is “Shaka” all about?
A: A large part of Roarockit’s history involves Hawaii, where the shaka hand gesture means a friendly wave hello, a thanks, a sign of approval, “right-on brah”, and even goodbye, all in the Hawaiian spirit of aloha. Originally it came from the surfing culture, where the positive motion meant “hang loose”.

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